Your therapist

My name is Marleen and I live in North Limburg, the Netherlands.

My story

As a child, I never understood much about the world around me. I didn’t understand why not everyone could communicate with animals making me feel very different and not at home in this world. When I was a kid, I used to yell, “I want to go home.” It was extremely hard for me to land on this earth.

After my parents divorced, I enrolled as a professional soldier with the Royal Dutch Army. I was looking for stability and hoping I’d become more resilient. I’ve been a professional soldier for 17 years and have been send on multiple tours.
During this period I have learned a lot about the world and I have come to face myself more than once.

Ignoring your own boundaries and always being on the go was so normal for me that it became the way of life. During the tours abroad it became increasingly clear to me that this was not the way I wanted to live, I flet and experienced a lot spiritually and began to observe more and more around me.

After I left the service, this ‘way of life’ came back to me. I stopped working at a regular job as a manager and was intensely tired. I had a lot of trouble grouding in civil society. As a result I suffered of anxiety attacks, hyperventilation, extreme fatique an completely unexplainable physical struggles. Al this I had to endure for around 10 years.

During these 10 years I have started to follow my inner path more and more. I have done a lot of training and have undergone various therapies. One was more suited to me than the other, this is how I learned.

I started helping people and animals at an energetic level. I started to give healings, did readings and supported clients with Bach Blossom Remedies and gemstone therapy.

After the birth of my son in 2016 I got a mega burnout. I couldn’t sleep anymore, had to take medication and was too tired to take care of myself.

Turning point

This deep valley was the biggest turn around point in my life. I was certain that I was going to get out of it, and I was going to be whole again. I used all the tools that I knew off, all that worked for my clients, and used them on myself., together with the support of friends who are therapists.

I went to France, where a very special woman lives in the middle of nowhere and gives shamanic trauma therapy in the form of dream trips. I’ve been on “the mountain” for a while and I’ve followed a course and had therapy. As a result, I was suddenly rid of my fears, hyperventilation and extreme fatigue. I dare to drive again, and I could finally breathe again. This was the greatest gift I could have ever given myself.

This prompted me to follow a therapist training course with her, which has made me a Shamanic trauma therapist myself.

Heal & grow

Through my broad life experience, being intuitive, knowing clearly, seeing clearly and various training courses, I enjoy helping people and animals assisting them in their own life path where I offer support at solving blockages, pains and traumas.

As a therapist I work from a holistic point of view which means that I see the human being as a whole at the mental, emotional and physical level. Everything is connected.

Diplomas and certificates

• To be born again in Who you really are and for which you come to Earth.
• Gem Therapy Training.
• Practical course crystal stones and Masterhealing-Reading
• Opening, programming, 13 dimensional healer cosmic crystals and gemstones.
• How do you become the angel you really are in all your radiant spirit.
• Training chakras, light bodies, Pillar of Light open and heal.
• Training Cosmic Fire 1 and 2, Multidimensional Healer, Pillar of Light, Dragon Healing.
• Short vocational training “Higher dimensional naturopathy”.
• How does your home become a place of power and your aura becomes a Light Vortex?
• Bach Blossom Remedies
• Course Dreamhealer-Warhealer.
• Course memory Demonhealer.
• Course live your own dream.
• Course No boundaries
• Training Shamanic trauma therapy, dream trips.