"Life becomes lighter when you learn to let go"

With energetic therapy I invite you to get out of your mind and make contact with your body.

Energetic therapy

Energetic therapy is an ancient natural treatment, which occurs in many cultures. The therapy is aimed at the self-healing ability of humans.

Trauma therapy

When you get stuck in your life, a Shamanic dream trip may be the solution for you to solve this once and for all.

Bach Blossom Remedies

The healing properties of the remedies increase our vibrations and remove blockages, allowing us to reconnect with our higher selves.

Energetic therapy brings the body back into balance from which it is able to heal itself on its own.

Experiences of others

what did people think of the therapy?

I ended up doing a Dreamtrip with Marleen because I was in trouble with myself and couldn't get any further at the psychologist and my life came to a standstill because of my trauma. I felt trapped in my own body. Because of the nice sessions with Marleen in which I felt safe and could open myself to a new me. The sessions were confronting and healing, I feel reborn. I was very nervous about the sessions and Marleen pulled that feeling away from me because of her fine energy and experience. I have felt safe and very comfortable. In 5 sessions my recent trauma and trauma from my distant past have been resolved. Thanks Marleen for the great sessions, because of you I can continue with my life in a positive and free way.
Marleen guides you to the best version of yourself. Firmly anchored, energetic and with feelers and antennae out, she is uniquely able to make contact with the different layers of the energy field around us. With her unique ability to work in these layers, she helps to soften and, where possible, eliminate energy blockages that have been acquired. As a client you notice that issues disappear, pain is reduced or even disappears. There is literally more space around you so that you dare to live life better.
Jet Jetten
Marleen can ask exactly the right questions and make comments that give me the confidence to stand in my own strength. I experience the warm, loving, yet to the point way in which she can bring clarity to my emotional life and create peace in my head as very valuable. She feels and sees the “pain points” on every level and removes blockages so that I consciously feel the positive energy that she brings. Marleen has also assisted my dearest dog friend at various times in his life and during his illness. The contact between them has always felt very natural to me and the things she communicates in her written records have always made sense with his behavior. The Healing, Bach flower and gemstone therapy and loving guidance have done him good until his last moment with us.
Merel Dorssers
Due to fatigue complaints (burn-out) I visited Marleen's Down to Earth practice. After an introductory meeting and a cup of tea, Marleen went to screen me energetically. To my surprise she was able to track down a number of things that I had not reported. For example, she noticed that I had a nerve knot in my shoulder. The nerve knot has been tackled through the various layers that she energetically treats and to my surprise it is no longer present. Marleen advised me to ground more and has given me a number of exercises that I can work with at home. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and the deep relaxation has continued for a long time. And the nerve knot? it has stayed away until now.

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