Shaman dream traveling

When you get stuck in your life, when your energy constantly disappears, when you constantly linger in the same patterns, similar events keep repeating, if you have suffered a trauma, if you are not comfortable in your skin, when you walk around with certain emotions that are always present, when experience a lot of stress. Perhaps then a Shamanic dream trip is the solution for you to solve this once and for all.

With this form of therapy, under the guidance of the therapist, you will go into a light state of hypnosis, where you yourself are able to act, together with the theme you want to have treated, in order look at the cause of your feelings. This will help you work under the guidance of the therapist and heal your own trauma. What you come across is impossible to predict, let yourself be surprised. With this form of therapy you don’t go into your trauma, you don’t go into the re-experience and you don’t go into your images. You’re in charge at all times.

By connecting Shamanism with modern techniques, it has now become much easier than before to detect trauma spirits, also called memory demons, from dramatic traumas and events that have ever occurred in our lives or past lives. These trauma spirits give consequences and twists to our lives and therefore also to the lives of all with whom we are connected to; in the past, the present and in the future.

The pain energies, i.e. the traumas, which stick to these traumas, can drian our life energy and create unwanted consequences for our way of life.

The trauma spirits live as a parasitic energy field, as high-frequency disturbing fields around us and cause diseases, certain survival behaviors, influence our thinking and talking on a mental and emotional level and affect our feeling in our daily life. They hinder our spiritual growth, our talents, and our core potential, also at the Archetype level. The trauma spirits, if they are not healed, will also cause trauma to other people, and so the morbid cycle will continue and cause disasters.

You learn to transform (change), send away, create and heal. You also come into contact with what is not yours, where pain energies are from the ancestor line and are still stored in the memory, as also family demons. By freeing and healing from it, you will find that you are increasingly reclaiming your own history and therefore writing your own present and future! You reconnect your soul with your Spiritual source.


Text by Fransje Bik & Marleen Hardeman

This form of trauma therapy originates from the Altai-Siberia and is an ancient and pure Shaman doctrine to heal yourself. This mode of Shamanism is also called “White Faith”. The Shamans of the “White Faith” tell among other things that a healing creates a new birth-a new time-a new life.