Remote healing

Healing is a transfer of energy. Energy is not limited by space or time, making healing possible at a distance.

During the energetic healing we have no contact via phone and you do not have to look at a screen making sure there can be no energy transfer from these devices. The only transmission there is that of the energetic force. All you have to do is relax and receive. Lie down or take a seat in a comfortable chair, find peace and space.

Methods of healing

Before the session I will make contact with your Higher Self, you will let go and receive exactly what is needed for your physical and energetic body during the healing.

After I have made contact with your Higher Self, the healing begins. I work with light masters, angels, guides and helpers. During the healing, I am sent to what is needed at that moment. Because I am strongly connected to Shamanism, I also get a lot of images and can work on various layers. Just what’s present and needed at that moment. During a healing there may be blockages to be seen which I will clean up but also there may be old traumas to be seen which I will heal as soon as this occurs. It could be trauma from this life, but it could be trauma from past lives.

How you perceive the energy is very different per person.
Because a lot can get triggered during a healing, this does not always have to be experienced as fine. That can sometimes be accompanied by emotion or discomfort, but then one needs to remember that it is a good thing and that you can be grateful for it. There will never be more triggers than the amount you can handle yourself, always trust that.

During the transfer of energy, your self-healing power will be activated. You will feel lighter, freer and more powerful.

After the healing, it is important to drink enough water in the coming week, in order to further support the process of purification of your body.