Photo reading

In a photo reading, I look and feel in to the picture that you send me.

The photo can be sent to me digitally. I can feel the energy of the person depicted on it. It doesn’t matter when the photo is taken; the person may be both alive or deceased. The person in the photo will give me words and/or images that I can pass on to you as far as he/she wants. Of course you may also ask questions about this person for which you will receive answers as long as the person on the photo answers the questions, transmits images or otherwise communicates this, which I send you in a report after reading.

Photo reading of an animal

I regularly receive requests if I can also read the energy of a pet, for example because it has died, disappeared without a trace or to explain certain behavior. I have experience with cats, dogs, horses and chickens. What I can usually feel is the state of mind and sometimes also what leads an animal to certain behaviors. Animals tell their stories differently than humans. So expect less detail. I’ll talk to you beforehand about whether or not I can work with a photo sent. Also for animal pictures, it should be a picture with only the animal you request answers for.

Conditions of a photo

Only one person or animal should be in the picture to avoid confusion of energies. Answers can be created more specifically without disturbing other people in the photo.

The age of the photo is insignificant. I can work with both (very) old and new photos.

The person or animal in the photograph may be both alive and deceased.

In the case of living persons, the person in the photo must first give permission, this in connection with privacy. With animals I will ask permission from the animal myself. It may happen once that I do not get permission, then for me a reading is impossible.