Photo reading

During a photo reading I see and feel the photo that you have sent me.

The photo can be sent to me digitally. I can feel the energy of the person or animal depicted on it. I would like te receive the most recent photo of the person or animal for which the reading and healing is intended.

Of course you can also ask questions which I would like to receive with the photo in the mail.

During the reading and healing I make contact with the soul and energy of the person or animal, I receive images of communication is established in a different way. I will immediately clear an heal the blockages of traumas that I encounter during the session.

Insofar as the person or animal in question answers the questions, passes on images or communicates in another way, you will be able to read this in a report that I will send you after the reading. I will also mention in the report what blockages an/or traumas I have encounterd and what I have done to solve this.

Photo reading of an animal

I regularly receive requests if I can also read the energy of a pet, for example because it had died, has dissappeared without a trace of to explain certain behavior. I have experience with cats, dogs, horses and chickens.

What I usually feel is the state of mind and sometimes also what causes an anima lto behave in a certain way. Animals pass on their story differently than people. So expect less details.

I will discuss with you in advance whether or not I can work with a sent photo. It also applies to animal photos that only the animal for which it is intended may be on the photo.

Conditions of a photo

  • Only one person of animal may be in the photo to avoid confusion of energies. This allows answers to be more targeted without disturbing other people in the photo.
  • The age of the photo is unimportant. I can work with both (very) old and new photos. But I would prefer to receive a most recent photo,
  • When treating and reading people, the person in the photo must first have given permission, in connection with privacy. In the case of animals, I will ask permission from the animal myself. It can occasionally happen that I do not receive permission, the a reading and healing are impossible for me.