Energetic therapy

Energetic therapy is an ancient natural treatment, which occurs in many cultures. The therapy is aimed at the self-healing ability of humans.

Trauma, emotional and mental stress, unprocessed events and other blockages can be stored as negative energy in our body, making us feel less good and experience many different symptoms.
Energetic therapy facilitates the healing process by clearing the blockages in our body and restoring energy so that it can flow freely. Allowing our body to rebalance after which it is able to heal itself on its own ability.

Energetic therapy derives its origin through the experience that there is a universal life energy, also called cosmic energy. The energetic therapist is able to transfer the universal energy to a client and also to relieve stress. This creates balance and promotes the self-healing power of the client.

As an energetic therapist, one works from a holistic point of view which means that we see people as a whole; at the mental, emotional and physical level. Everything is connected. A complaint or illness indicates that harmony is disturbed and the treatment is aimed at restoring balance at all levels. If you are out of balance for a long time on the mental plane (such as fears, anxiety or stress) this can eventually lead to emotional imbalance (such as feeling gloomy, crying quickly or getting angry quickly). This in turn can lead to physical imbalance in the form of all kinds of (pain) complaints and diseases.

The energetic therapy is a safe natural treatment of which no negative consequences are known. The therapy can also be used in addition to regular and other therapies. It is a safe and a natural treatment.

Energetic energy treatments also have demonstrable effects on small children and animals. This shows that there is no suggestion or placebo effect used.

What can you expect?
After a treatment you feel calm, relaxed and energetic. It is important to stay calm and relaxed afterwards and not have a heavy load (going back to work). If there is a slight fatigue or some muscle complaints then it is advisable to give in to it and take it easy. Treatment can continue for a few more days after you have been treated and any symptoms will subside and more rest will arise within yourself. It is important to drink enough water on the day itself and the days after treatment so that the body can dispose of its waste.