Crystal Chakra healing

A Crystal Chakra healing purifies the ethereal, emotional, mental, astral, spiritual and karmic aura. The crystals anchors you firmly in your body, allowing higher states of consciousness to enter. A crystal healing activates your authentic “Self” and your life’s destination.

After the Crystal Chakra healing you will be more relaxed and balanced. You will be better able to listen to the signals of your body, soul and heart. Your chakras open up. I use opened and activated crystals and gemstones for this purpose. This way, your chakras get a particularly intense healing.

How do the crystals work for you?

The crystals and gemstones are chosen especially for your aura and situation. Thanks to the frequencies with which the gems transmit energy, your chakras unfold to health and full potential, releasing hurts, old patterns and disease.

Double-less crystals connect and harmonize your chakras, your light bodies, health and aura layers. Your chakras vibrate in one chord. The small chakras in your hands and feet also get a specific crystal, as well as the light bodies of your soul through the special (geometric) crystals that are placed around you. You bathe in an energy bath provided by the crystals.

After the gems are activated specifically for you, old patterns and blockages, from deeper layers, dissolve. You experience the sparkling power, grounding and flow of the crystals and a benevolent peace and inner harmony is created.

Crystals have the ability to bring the most high energies directly into the body’s cells and deepen the whole. After this, you will see and feel more and more clearly what your destiny of life and your soul purpose is. It’s going to be part of your personal life and the “steps” you make.

The Crystal Chakra healing have great benefits for physical complaints as  they can solve more profound blockages.

Energy flow

During a Crystal Chakra healing, I see and feel the energy flows, and have to take crystals from the body during the healing, or move them, adjusting the intensity. Sometimes I have to strengthen the grounding by using a new stone, and so on. I will always see if there’s a flow and cooperation going on between your chakras.

In addition, as a healer, I usually work with the hands at some distance from the body in the aura layers and at the chakras. Sometimes the feet are gently touched. Afterwards, I’ll explain what I’ve observed within you.

What can I observe during the leggings

You can feel muscle tension, warmth, cold that releases, all being deeply present in your body and you might feel the energy waves. Sometimes  you get a little emotional when tensions are released. Often afterwards you feel lighter, more embodied, harmonious and loving.


It is better to wear natural clothing. The ensure that the energy of the stones is not weakened by synthetic substances.