Bach Blossom

“The healing properties of the remedies increase our vibrations and remove blockages, allowing us to reconnect with our higher selves. Our true nature may emerge, because the disturbance is overwhelmed by the positive property of the remedies. They are capable doing so, as is the influence of beautiful music. With the return of inner strength and harmony, the body’s natural healing processes can be put back to work”.


The Workings of the Bach Blossom Remedies

How do the remedies work? First of all, it is important to recognise energy, as a life force, to which all nature is part and in which we all belong.

As with homeopathy, a lot of research has been done on, for example, the transmission of vibrations in water. Masaru Emoto is an example of this. He took pictures of frozen water crystals, which had different structures after being influenced by certain music or words. For example, he has been able to establish that water is an energy carrier.

Bach Blossom Remedies is also about energy and the transformation through vibration. Every human and animal has its own vibration number and every Bach Blossom Remedy has this too. Bach knew this intuitively and based his theory on it. Harmonious vibrations are healing. Bach himself speaks of the healing effect when hearing beautiful music. Just as beautiful colours and/or fragrances can feel pleasant and have a positive influence. You can also imagine that people and animals with a positive appearance also have a healing effect on another.

Put simply, every man and animal has all the positive energies of the blossoms in them, but these positive forces within yourself are often no longer palpable, because they are snowed in by nasty life experiences. The Bach Blossom Remedies help clean up the snow layer, so you can reconnect with the energy that naturally belongs to you and you can live from your natural strength. Each Bach Blossom corresponds to a certain feeling, mood and sometimes also type of person or animal.

The blossoms are able to give a positive energy to our own positive part at the level where the disturbance or blockage is located. This positive vibration transfer activates our own healing power. The Bach Blossoms add nothing, but set ourselves in motion. They also bring out what is needed to return the balance.

Often people are asked about the agreement and the difference between Bach and homeopathy. Except that bach does not get diluted, and only uses non-toxic plants, the essential difference is that a Bach Blossom Remedy in the body does not fight, as in homeopathy, but the negative is inundated with the positive, thereby touching our own positive qualities.